Will We Ever See Kurt Angle Back In The WWE?

By None None
Oct. 30, 2016

It has been since 2006 that we last seen the former Olympic gold winner Kurt Angle in WWE. Angle was a huge WWE superstar at his time and still has plenty of fans who want to see him return, which is not strange. My favorite moment of Angle's WWE career was when he and William Regal were partners and they versed the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Angle would always be sucking up to WWE (then-WWF) chairman, Mr. McMahon. That is the entertainment that was really great and now a days WWE just isn't as entertaining. 

Angle parted ways with the WWE in 2006 and joined TNA shortly after. He stayed with TNA for a total of ten years, departing the company this year. His last match was a losing effort against former WWE star, Bobby Lashley. Angle now travels on the independent circuit, where he has faced the likes of Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. 

Adding Kurt Angle to the roster for WWE would just be incredible. The ratings would rise back up to the ceiling for either Raw or Smackdown. If he was picked up of even drafted by Raw, he would probably have a storyline against Rusev. Rusev talks a lot of smack about the United States and obviously Kurt Angle being a former olympic gold winner, would make the best of storylines. If he was picked up or drafted by Smackdown, he be best suited for a storyline against Bray Wyatt. Wyatt, the eater of worlds, against Angle would just be incredible and ratings would definitely rise. 

Adding Angle would help WWE get back more fans too. Since Angle has left the company, there has been a big decrease in ratings which does not surprise you or me. Don't worry because I am sure that WWE is in talks with Angle for a potential return to Wrestling's world of entertainment.

So yes, I believe Angle will be back with the WWE very soon.