By Dylan Shackelford
Dec. 10, 2019

Feature 1

For this feature, I had to change to just a title and byline instead of having a full header. I then combined the single sentence I had after the introduction paragraph to make it flow better. I also had to fix the format of a few of the quotes I used. I fixed all of the grammar and spelling errors I had. I used the word “that” multiple times unnecessarily and removed them for the final copy.

Feature 2

The only problem I had with this paper was a few GSP errors. I fixed all of the ones that were marked and a few that noticed while revising. In “Trust me?” paragraph I saw the two very obvious mistakes that were marked that I somehow missed while going over it the first time. The only other thing I saw to change was that I needed pretty up the references. I moved them closer to the end of the story and centered the word “references.”

Feature 3

The first thing I changed was the first reference I used. I originally used for my stat of medical errors being the third leading cause of death in the United States, but it was not reliable enough because they want that to be true. Instead, I found an article on CNBC which talks about it. CNBC isn’t too reliable but they have no reason to lie about it. I also added in the story of the nurse that killed patients in my hometown. Finally, I fixed a few grammar and spelling errors.

Feature 4

For this feature, I had a few more GSP errors than I imagined. Most of them were simple things I should have noticed. One thing I noticed is that I was so used to the English media because of soccer that I started writing the way they wrote. I didn’t put the “the” before Blackburn Rovers because that is how they do it over there. I added the “the” and fixed a few other errors.