Bobby Petrino's response to latest allegations is absurd

By DJaillet
Nov. 16, 2016

[Wake Forest investigates whether plays leaked to or stolen by Louisville]

Wednesday, a report came out via Dan Wolken of USAToday Sports saying Wake Forest was investigating whether plays were leaked or stolen by the Louisville Cardinals after documents were left behind showing that the Cardinals were prepared for plays the Demon Deacons had never run before. In turn, and rightfully so, this raised some questions as to whether a security breach occurred. 

 Wake Forest head coach Dave Clawson acknowledged that the school was investigating whether data was either leaked or stolen to Louisville. "There was somehow a breach," Clawson said. "I've shared it with our (athletics director) and we're trying to find out what happened."

The Cardinals disposed of the Demon Deacons rather easily, 44-12.

Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino also offered his comments on the matter, speaking to the press Wednesday and flatly denied the allegations saying that he had "no knowledge of the situation."

"We take a lot of pride in the way we operate our program," the statement said. "As I've stated already this season, my coaching philosophy has always been to play the game with sportsmanship. Right now, our focus is on our game (Thursday) at Houston and finishing the 2016 season strong."

I have no problem with what he said above in the statement. I understand that he is the head coach and that he has to save face and say all the right things. I get it, I would too. However, I do have a problem with him saying that he had "no knowledge of the situation." That seems a little fishy to me.

You mean to tell me as you are preparing for an interconference game, with all of the game-planning you already do, that you did not know that you had documents that showed Wake Forest's plays?  I am on a football team. I have some sense of what goes on in terms of game-planning. Everything is checked and re-checked to insure that we have everything ready come gameday.  You mean to tell me, Bobby Petrino that you, as the head coach of an ACC program did not know you had those documents? I'm not buying it. 

That excuse comes off as very shallow and unprofessional. He probably knows who wrote the documents, who printed them out, what folder they were carried in etc. If I was him, I would have offered no comment. Sure, the "no comment" answer doesn't exactly make you seem innocent, but it's better than making up an answer that at the very least sounds like a poor excuse. He may not have had complete knowledge of the situation but I am fairly certain he had at least a general idea that documents were floating around. Especially in big-time college football, the head coach has the final say on everything.

So shame on you Bobby Petrino for trying to pull the "I didn't know" card and failing miserably. You made yourself look incredibly idiotic and incompetent. Even if you actually did not know, it is your responsibility to make sure that your program can at least come out of the situation looking respectable. You are the head coach after all.

Then again, you are also known for not always thinking things through.