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By Jenny Watson
Jun. 13, 2019

Are you wondering what to do when “printer troubleshooting” flashes on your screen?

Whether you are a student or working in a firm, the importance of computers in our lives is unbeatable. The concept of a paperless office has still not arrived for a lot of us.Nothing leads to frustration faster than when you need to print something in a jiffy and the printer doesn’t wish to cooperate. Depending on the printer model, there may be varying and specific troubleshooting solutions. There are multiple troubleshooting tips if your printer isn’t working right. Knowing where to start in sticky situations can help to piece together the answer.

How to deal with Printer Troubleshooting

Method 1- Check for a Paper Jam

One of the most common reasons for printer troubleshooting is paper jam. Bits of paper may get stuck in the paper tray. This may be due to use of the wrong type of paper, crumpled paper or wearing-out of the rollers which feed the paper in the printer. This might even help to solve the issue with HP printer troubleshooting.

To solve the problem, check for bits of paper by opening the paper input tray. In order to avoid this, the tray must be cleaned regularly.

Method 2- Refill/ Replace Ink Cartridge

Printer troubleshooting may arise if you are facing an ink related problem. In such a case the ink status indicator light should be flashing. A simple solution to this maybe to open the ink compartment and check the cartridge. To avoid Brothers printer troubleshooting, it is advisable to replace the ink cartridge when it has drained. Consistently using drained cartridges can affect the overall performance of the printer and will lead to printer troubleshooting.

Method 3- Windows Printer Troubleshooter

The hardware of the printer isn’t always to blame. When there are non-physical issues, what can be of great help is the Windows printer troubleshooter. It can be used fix any communication hitch between the printer and the computer. The steps to use this for Epson printer troubleshooting are:

1. Click Start and type ‘troubleshoot’.

2. A Troubleshooting link will appear. Click on the link.

3. Click View all in the window that opens. Then scroll down to Printer.

4. In the next window, click on Advanced then Run as administrator

5. Now click Next and select your printer. Click Next again.

The troubleshooter will attempt to detect and fix Epson printer troubleshooting automatically. This tool is effective even in Brothers printer troubleshooting. If the troubleshooter’s list does not display your printer details, you can call us on ­­­+1(800)684-5649 .

Method 4- Recheck Cable Connections

Your screen may also display printer troubleshooting if the cables are not properly connected or have come lose. There must be two cables connected to your printer, the power cable and the data cable. Make sure both the cables are properly connected to both the printer and the computer.

Method 5- Install/Update/ Reinstall Printer Drivers

If the cables are connected properly and there are no flashing lights on your printer then its possibly a driver related snag. The printer driver facilitates the communication between the printer and your computer. These problems may arise when the latest drivers are not updated for the operating system of your computer. Get the suitable drivers from the HP websites for HP printer troubleshooting. Avoid using printer drivers from other proxy sites in order to minimize the risks of viruses infecting your computer systems.

After applying these solutions for printer troubleshooting, if it still persists or if you have any queries you may call us at ­­­ +1(800)684-5649 for instant resolution.

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