New TORC Pro2 Engine Rule...One step move forward

By David Quinn
May. 21, 2017

Hello Mr and Mrs Racing Fan...the Junkie is Back, with a look at the new, TORC Pro 2 engine rules.

Here are the new rules in a nutshell:

OEM Design-Max 410ci

Cast iron block, available to the general public

8cyl/2 valves per cylinder

No-titanium/composite or aluminum rods

Cylinder Head limited to Spec Brodix head/manufacture specific

4 Barrel Holley 4150HP Carb

Intake Manifold, available to the general public, via retail

MSD 6-Series Ignition Box-Max 7500 RPM's

GM 400 turbo Transmission...and

Ford 9" Rear Axle

These are the "Basically" the old MORR (MidWest Off Road Racing) Sportsman Super Truck engine rules. The combo is cost affective, and reliable. Which should lead to, additional teams being able to compete, in the Pro 2 class (in theory).

But wait Junkie...What do the Racers think? Great Question!!!! This was the question when I headed to the TORC Chicagoland Slam. I asked several competitors in the Pro 2, that very question. [The one I wanted to asked but, didn't get the chance, was Johnny and CJ Greaves...who are not competing in Pro 2 this Season. Though, I think, this was more of a Toyota decision. It's widely believed that Toyota, has no interest in those rules.]

Here's what some of them thought. [Note: These SHOULD NOT, be considered direct digital recorder was messed up...they're from my notes, written while we talked.]

#48 Tim Nelson: said: He wouldn't be running without the new rules. They level the playing field, so a guy with an older truck can be, competitive. {FYI: his truck is an older, LeDuc and Nick Tyree rig.}

#17 Galen Gee: He probably wouldn't be racing, without the new rules. His truck is using an "OLD" class 6 motor. {By the way...Galen is MY HERO!!! Why? He transported his race truck on an OPEN TRAILER, behind a Pickup truck!!!!}

#20 Mitch Dorr: Is in absolute love with the new rules. Said the combo of Engine and Tire...makes it a whole lot of fun! Also said: We could see 20 trucks at Crandon!!!!!!

#37 Eric Ruppel: Round #1 Winner: The new rule, makes this a DRIVER CLASS. He also predicted, 16-20 at Crandon. He told me, that the budget increase (Super Truck to Pro 2), was not that big. And was easily covered by the new sponsorship options.

#44 Brad Lovell: Was wearing a hat, that Luke Johnson came up with...It said "Let's Make Pro 2 Great Again". He told me: The costs are half, of the old engine rules...It's more fun...And you can hold the throttle open for a whole lot longer. Asked about the old motor he said...It was sitting in the corner of the shop.

Keegan Kincaid: He's not running Pro 2 this season. But I wanted to ask him about the changes anyway. He thinks the new rule, was the right move to make, to save the class. Put's the Driver in control...not the engine builder, or check book.

Sounds like the racers, love the rules? Well yes, yes they do. What About the FANS? Most, probably, had no idea, the engines were different.

Fan's want competition. The Engine is meaningless, if the racing is long as it's not Spec Racing. While the new rules are, dangerously, close to Spec Racing...there is still plenty of room for the guy who, has the better mousetrap!

While some will call this, a backwards might be exactly what Short Course needs, to make the class viable for the future.