Has the tide of Fan support, turned in Kyle Busch’s favor?

By David Quinn
Oct. 01, 2017

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Hello folks, sorry for being absent recently...several things have gotten in the way...but the Junkie is still loving his motorsports.

A couple of weekends ago, I purchased a Hot Pass from ”Raceday Sponsor”, for the NASCAR Joliet IL weekend, at Chicagoland Speedway. Combine what a Personally saw that weekend, and on race broadcasts...I’ve noticed something rather interesting. What was that?

That the fans, who used to boo, Kyle Busch, are now moving the other direction! First, I must say...I’ve never been a big KB fan...but I have admired his, pure undeniable talent level. But, he almost always came off as a little bit of a <BLANK>!!!!!

Early in his career, he never...how do I say this...endeared himself to the fans. You either loved him...or wanted to kick his ass, on principle. When he won, he would put on a celebration, from the gods. When he lost a race by bad luck, he would walk off and pout like a baby, who didn’t get the toy he wanted.

Fans would boo him, mercilessly! Never mind, the fact he has more Passion for the sport, in his little finger, than others have in their entire bodies. Some thought he showboated to much. Other thought he had it handed to him, and didn’t earn it.

This may come from the fact, the most popular, video moments of his career, come from him, crashing Ron Hornaday Jr, and getting into a fight with Joey Lagano!

But the tide may, possible, be turning. In recent weeks, KB has been getting more cheers, then boo’s! He also seems more...how do I word this...Comfortable around the media, and fans who ask for autographs. He even signed a hat, for a fan, he got caught in traffic with, after a race (search for it on google).

Why is this happening? Have the fans, finally realized, that they are seeing, what could possibly be the most talented driver, in NASCAR history? Are the Dale Jr fans, telegraphing their, new favorite choice? Are they being bribed?

I’m not sure, but...one thing is for sure...

We are witnessing, arguably the driver with the most RAW talent in the history of NASCAR...and the fans have finally taken notice.

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