Plenty of good SEATS available

By David Quinn
Oct. 08, 2017

The above photo is from Indianapolis, but it could be multiple fact it could be multiple sports! To be could be multiple levels of sports, all the way down to, high school and the short tracks!

Why? There’s not one clear answer...but here’s some of the major issues in play.

Whether it’s NASCAR, MLB, NHL, NHRA, NBA, even recently the NFL...The single biggest reason...number one on the list...


I don’t care, if we’re headed to a Cup race, or an NHL game...the costs of attending an event, has risen to the point, many have said...NO MAS!!!! When you add up the tickets, hotel room, food, gas for the car (or even the UBER), parking, etc...a family of four, could, spend (just for an average, regular season game or race) easily five hundred dollars or more.

Hell...I’ve spent five hundred, just on me, myself, and I for a major race weekend!

Next on the hit parade...BETTER TV’S AND COVERAGE!!!!!

Let‘s be honest, many of you have a, 60 inch, HD, surround sound, home entertainment system! The modern thin, high definition tv’s give, at home watcher’s, an experience, nearly as good, if not better then watching in person. You can eat your own food, no waiting at the restroom, and no fighting the post race/game traffic.

Add to that...the coverage by networks, gives us fan’s sitting on couch’ insider access, formerly, only available to high rollers, who know someone!!!! 200 miles per hour, middle of the pack at Talladega, helmet cam puts you there...Aaron Rodgers, hitting a wide receiver for the game winning touchdown, five cameras let you see the defeat on the defenders face...Sidney Crosby’s on a break away, and the goalie has a camera in his helmet, as he try’s to take the near post away...etc...etc...

Point is...why go through the stress, and cost, of attending the event, when it’s just as good (if not better), on your tv at home!

What’s next....oh‘s highly likely, that you are reading this on your, Smart Phone, or Digital Pad. With the explosion of App’s and digital networks, that can reach you in the middle of Nowhere‘s Ville’s can watch their favorite, Motorsports, baseball team, or even the old stomping ground College team!

Their phones are mini TV’s, with HD screens. Fan’s don’t need, to have a Cable or Satellite package, the games come to them, while they enjoy their lives.

But the problems don’t stop there...

There are less people racing at grassroots track, across the country...less kids playing little league...parents are scared their little boy will, have concussion problems, from football, and hockey...sports equipment costs are rising, just like the cost of building a race car. More people live in an Urban environment...and abandoning the Suburbs.

They don’t have a garage, many don’t have an automobile at all. No place to store a race car...less places to race, play baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. The cost of travel, to events is tasking, not just Race Teams (at all levels), but youth sports leagues, and their parents.

Many think it’s just about, waning popularity of sports, especially Motorsports. But, as you can see (And I’ll bet you’ve thought of a few yourself), the problem is much more complex, then people getting bored with a sport.

It’s about the rising cost of...being a fan...a racer...or an athlete...

There‘s still plenty of good seats available.