Brees or Rodgers? Who ya got?

Crazy sentence from the fantasy perspective. Most owners of their respective teams will just about crap themselves if I said this aloud at any draft. Because fantasy owners are stupid. As the great Dick Butkus said on the "Bernie Mac Show", "Fantasy ain't real" ( I may be paraphrasing here). So maybe this article is about the destruction of football by one of its most valuable resources, the internet.

So who would you choose? Most of the time someone reads this they jump on Rodgers like I stated earlier. But lets throw out fantasy performance. Numbers may or not tell the whole story, but its always a good comparison to start out with. Like Bill Parcells said "Your record says who you are" (good job John, you got another quote in, now people will read it for sure).

Here is a link to a chart from Pro-football focus.

A you can see, Brees does own most of the categories, but he has played a little longer. Still he has remained consistent and elite throughout his entire career. He does have way worse rushing stats but any intelligent fan know that (sorry Eagles fans). He also hasn't been hurt as much so thats kind of a plus (R.I.P. Tony Romo, Great QB, bit by the injury bug late). But when you look at the stats, they are almost Identical. Brees has been doing it longer though. So Rodgers could be better, just not right now. To determine who is a better QB between two current QB's is very difficult because they still have something left in the tank. But as of today, Brees is a better QB and I would definitely take the old Brees over any Dak any day of the week. But thats another conversation.

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