Eight Ole Miss players kneel during anthem in response to Confederacy rally

By Maine Blash
Feb. 24, 2019

RedZone News is getting reports that there was a confederate rally out side of the doors of Old Miss Area yesterday. The player must have saw this before getting into the Area and it must have hit some of the players real hard!!! Because when the players got on the court and the national anthem started several players decide to take a knee. Now i personally do not approve of the media calling out the names of children in the attempt to smear these kids name while practising there constitutional rights to protest something as inhuman as the kkk and the skin heads and what they represent. But the problem in America witch are these group have to be seriously brought to the four front Nationally.

Unfortunately the president is not on the side of American Values in this country . Not to long ago thre president of America Mr. Donald Trump has made moves to take these groups of the F.BI watch list. These far right groups domestic terrorist and to take them and there organization off the Federal watch list these group are now free to cause mayhem as they see fit. With these group infiltrating Law enforcement and other organizations it is a wonder why the news media is calling these kids out by name!!!!!!

Buy these kids on Ole Miss Kneeling and the news calling out each and every player that did kneel it not a badge of honor it is a smear campaign by these racist people that work in these news organization. Slowly but surely these kneelings on the national anthem is going to put targets on people's back.

The school said they did not want these terrorist on the campus and the players said they did not want them there ethier. Put according to reports they keep coming back. It is said that the protesters did not come from the campus or possible the state. That they come from all over and ther report did not say where.

Talk about race with out research and logic is the product of a weak and violent mind set that cannot be tolerated in this country. Since America is filled with diverse people all over this country and we have grown immensely since the 50's mind and sinancialy in this country to be the wealthiest country in the world to date i do not see the logic of these people to be protesting for powers that already have. We real Demon in racism in a whole is the politicians that in office running everything.

Well, Ole miss won the game 71-72 It was a tight game and a good one to considering the distractions out side. There was reports that along with the racist rally there where counter protesters protesting the racist appearance at there school.. Who where closely watch by police officers .