MLB Dynasty Team: Catcher

Dec. 19, 2016

Gary Sanchez- This pick may come as a shocker to some. Sanchez is just coming off a blazing hot start to his career, and I don’t think he’s about to cool down. Sanchez, only 24, was phenomenal on offense and showed maturity beyond his years behind the plate. This maturity was put on display when he was brought up and made a poor Yankees starting rotation look good and finish out strong. His ability to frame pitches and throw runners out at every base impressed many scouts last season. Just how phenomenal was Sanchez in his debut? He set multiple homerun records with his last homerun tying the record set by Wally Berger as the fastest player to ever hit 20 homeruns. It took both players just 51 games. This record has laid untouched for roughly 86 years. Sanchez finished the year hitting a very respectable .299 batting average with a solid 1.032 OPS. So, with this type of production in his first taste of the big leagues, what can we expect from Gary for the rest of his career? This, folks, is the million-dollar question. I think Gary has some room to improve, and his character and work ethic shows that he’s willing to make those improvements. His attitude issues are a thing of the past, Yankees officials say, and we have every reason to believe them. He has shown us through his game that he has grown up from these incidents, and is willing to work to improve. His maturity is shown in his plate discipline as a hitter, a trait that many well-seasoned pros cannot seem to master. All in all, I think Gary Sanchez is a great young player with a lot of upside. His promising play now makes it almost impossible to pass up on this youngster on my dynasty team. 

-Tyler Brogan