Divisional Weekend 2020

Yes, this is 2020! And its first weekend features the best weekend of football: four games featuring arguably the best teams remaining. Who do I like?

Minnesota (6) at San Francisco (1, -7) - I think the 49ers will win this game, but not by 7 points. Is this the year of the "system" quarterback, a la Jimmy G? Prove it to me 49ers.

Tennessee (6) at Baltimore (1, -9.5) - As evidenced by last week's disaster (as a Pat's fan), I think Tennessee can keep things close. Take the points, but Baltimore will prevail.

Houston (4) at Kansas City (2, -10) - Two hyped quarterbacks! I like Mahomes though, and KC by 10.

Seattle (5) at Green Bay (2, -4) - This line feels reasonable to me. I'm no expert, but I like Seattle, re-fortified with Marshawn Lynch.