Postseason Baseball

By rickumali
Oct. 07, 2016

it's the magical time once again. The crispness of Fall is in the air (at least here in New England). The old town team has become dominant again, and even though they lost their first game against the Cleveland Indians in the American League Division Series, all of Boston Red Sox nation is brimming with the hope. Below are my rooting interests for the Divisional Series.

ALDS: Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians. Could this postseason be Big Papi's big send off? It would be beyond epic if the Red Sox win the World Series and David Ortiz has some big hits. Boston has to get past Cleveland in order to fulfill that scenario, but I'm predicting they will.

ALDS: Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers. I loved rooting for the Texas Rangers when they made it into the playoffs a few years back. I'll be rooting for them again.

NLDS: LA Dodgers v Washington Nationals. Nats! Let's do this! I love LA, but my cousin lives in the Washington DC area. I don't think he's a big baseball fan, but now's the moment to become one!

NLDS: San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs. Cubs! Of course, the Cubs! Truth be told, I would find it very difficult to root against them should the Red Sox and the Cubs make to the World Series.