Stanley Cup: Rooting for the Caps

By rickumali
May. 26, 2018

The Stanley Cup will be soon upon us. I'll be rooting for the Washington Capitals, a team I have cheered for as long as I could remember. My cousin lives in near D.C., and he got pulled into ice hockey only recently. I'm excited for him!

The Caps somewhat remind me of the lovable losing Red Sox from the 1980s and 1990s. Always falling short, sometimes bitterly. I love that Caps captain Alexander Overchkin has a chance to add the elusive Cup to his resume.

From the West comes the Vegas Golden Knights. They are in the role of improbable contenders. They are representing a funky part of our nation that's endured sharp pain this year. I think they will be worthy opponents, but they will be overcome by the desire of the Caps.

Prediction: Caps in 6. Bring us the Cup, you Capitals!