Super Bowl LI: Crowning the Patriots

By rickumali
Feb. 11, 2017

The New England Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. In a victory that will be remembered for ages to come, it crowns New England as the pre-eminent NFL franchise of the moment.

I watched the game in a crowded Slack channel (started by the NE Patriots subreddit), and our emotions experienced the slow and deep see-saw from despair and disgust all the way to excitement and exhilaration. It was the greatest comeback most of us had ever seen!

I have spent time with the replay of this game. Atlanta had an opportunity to seal the game with a field goal late in the third quarter, but instead they took a sack and a penalty and ended up going backwards. It was a moment that the Patriots capitalized on.

Fans of the Patriots now have another Super Bowl win to rank. As of this moment, I love this one, but Super Bowl LIX (against the Seattle Seahawks) was probably the better-played football game. Off to the NFL post-season, and the emergence of baseball and the basketball and ice hockey playoffs!