Super Bowl LIII Pick

Easy. I pick the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LIII.

I'll admit that if the Kansas City Chiefs won that coin toss at the end of regulation, I could be picking KC here. But New England won the toss and the AFC Championship and demonstrated that their offense is hitting on all cylinders, and that their defense can spot them enough points for a legit win.

On the other side, the Los Angeles Rams benefited from an incredible non-call that people are still talking about. I watched it again, and it certainly wasn't a game ending non-call, but their opponent, the New Orleans Saints, was only able to get three points on that drive. After a tie score in regulation, the Rams were able to force an interception, then kicked a 57-yarder for their ticket to SB LIII.

In the end, it boils down to coaching experience for me. I like battle-tested Bill Belichick's chances against the young wizard Sean McVay. Coaching is where the game will be won or lost on Sunday. Take the Pats...!