These COVID Sports

COVID-19 has upended the US sports calendar. It is September as I write this, and the NFL starts tomorrow. But also on the docket is a compelling NBA playoff game. There will be more football this weekend, but there are also hockey playoff games on tap!

Since the resumption of baseball, roughly around late July, I can almost convince myself that 2020 is proceeding as normally as possible. But then I'll look at the stands on TV, and see cutouts of people. When I watch the NBA or NHL playoffs, I marvel at the empty stands, and the crowd noise.

I'm grateful that professional sports is back, even in its pared down state. It serves as a welcome distraction. This is what I used to concern myself with, before the world got whacked by the Coronavirus. We'll see if baseball can get to its World Series, or the NFL can get to its Super Bowl.