Guide for heavy riders on picking up a folding bike

By K. Devlin
Jun. 15, 2020

Folding bikes are one of the most popular things among city riders, but not only among them, meaning that those bikes are really compact. They could be put inside a car even with the small trunk or even could be taken with the rider into a bus. Of course, that’s perfect for everyone who want to do some riding within the city limits while being able to use a car or a public transport.

But those bikes are somewhat fragile, at least they look like that, and there could be problems for a heavy riders. Nevertheless, there are some models that are designed for a heavyweight people. And in our article we’ll tell you how to choose the folding bike for yourself, expecting that you’re heavier than an ordinary rider.

Best way of choosing yourself a folding bike

First thing first — opt in for a folding bike with a weight limit around 100 kilos (230-250 pounds) and above. Some folding bikes can carry up to 150 kilos (350 pounds), then why not to choose yourself one? At least, the more it can carry the harder it will be. Folding bike with the high weight limit won’t break up in two if you reach its speed limit. And it can happen — there are a lot of such cases with the heavy riders.

So, there’s another thing that you should think about that it won’t break. Try reading some more about models that you had chosen and look for some info on its folding mechanism and its latch. It’s the main weak point of every single folding bike, yet the most important for a riders with a high weight. So it must be really hard to sustain even the maximum load at the highest possible speeds.

Then, to be more solid in our advices, we’ll give you a short summary on a different types of folding bikes so you can pick yourself one of those to opt in for. Of course, you can get more info about them all over the internet, but here they are.

Commuting folding bikes

Basic city bikes that are designed the way when its rider is planning to use public transport often. It’s perfect for an office worker or a casual city rider. One of the best among those rides is EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano.

Compact yet durable, this bike can carry up to 110 kilos while being able to ride at highest speed that its 8-speed Shimano drivetrain can handle. Furthermore, EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano will be fit even for the highest riders that are up to 195 centimeters height.

Classic folding bikes

Great for avid riders, those are the classic type of bikes that everyone think of when heard the word “bicycle”, meaning that it can be fold. Even the basic models of those bikes can carry up to 100-105 kilos without any efforts. If you had opted in for one of those bikes, we’d recommend you to pick yourself a CHANGE 700C series road bike.

Having as classic looks as it should have, this bike has a 24-speed Shimano gear, and can handle carrying a rider that’s weights around 100 kilos and is 195 centimeters tall. Of course, CHANGE 700C will suit best for ones who loves riding a lot and doing so as often as it’s possible.

Mountain folding bikes

As its name says, those foldies are for mountain-riders and the ones who love riding through a rough terrain. Those are the hardest among others in terms of maximum weight capacity and frame hardness. But also those bikes are the heaviest among others, thus being hard to carry around. One of the greatest bikes of this kind is HIKING BK Mountain Bike.

This trail mountain bike is the lightest among other mountain bikes while still being able to carry a rider that weights up to 130 kilos. That became possible due to the usage of high-carbon steel in the frame construction and its advanced shock resistance and stability. But HIKING BK Mountain Bike has one non-sufficient yet uncomfortable disadvantage - rider’s maximum height must be below the 185 cm.

How to choose the best folding bike for a heavy rider?

The main point of choosing a folding bike for yourself is following your own preferences. Decide carefully, how, when and where you will be riding it. And then pick yourself a bicycle that will suit the riding style which you had chosen. Nevertheless, nothing will stop you from riding a mountain bike anywhere you want or you can even try to ride a classic foldie somewhere on a rough terrain. But be careful so you won’t break your bicycle.