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Quick Tribute to Vic Scully

By JosephChapp
Sep. 26, 2016

It's going to be hard for me to say something that somebody else hasn't already said about Vin Scully in this season alone. He was a difference maker, a voice of a team, and an all around great person. When I heard him announce I would almost exclusively listen to the stories he would tell, then the actual game being played. Instead of listing off his life history I would rather write a couple lines about how I feel Vin Scully changed baseball, but also let it stay the same...

It is really no one in baseball who had such a smooth voice as he did even in his late 80's. As I stated before his stories seemed like he had a connection to every player that was playing, that even the other announcers didn't know. He was a class act from anybody who I have heard talk about him and a great person. It is almost too bad that he would not be announcing post season games. I think it is absolutely fitting that was able to announce the game that the Dodgers clinched their 4th straight NL West title and a great way to send him off. He is still the only reminder of the Dodgers ancient history in Brooklyn which has been almost forgotten. His spirit never wavered and he will always be remembered as the best voice in baseball. Thank You Mr. Scully!