Jose Fernandez: Gone Way too Early

Wow...I'm still taken aback about what has transpired today. As soon as I woke up I had to look at the alert on my phone several times. It serves as a harsh reminder that life is fragile and that picking up the gauntlet and carrying on is the most important thing to do. To Mr. Fernandez's wife, future son, family, teammates, fans, and anybody else affected by this tragedy (especially the other people on that boat and their families) I am truly sorry. In a day where Jose Fernandez and a legend like Arnold Palmer die and people like Vin Scully will never be heard announcing a game again it says how the world is going to change. Everything can change within a day and we may never truly recover, but we can move forward and make a great tomorrow. I always thought the problem with people like Bears fans is that they spend way to much focusing on the 1985 Super Bowl title, but they haven't won a championship since. It is all they have to talk about and being a Bears fan makes it hard to follow a team whose fan base is completely happy with looking back on what was. They never seemed to move forward and ownership was perfectly happy with that. That is not what I want to see happen to fans of Jose Fernandez and the Marlins. Win tomorrow's game, win the division, and win a championship for him. That is the best way to honor him. While the absolute worst part of such a young super star like this guy was is the wasted potential, but his legacy will inspire this team to win instead of looking back at what they have lost. R.I.P Jose Fernandez.