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The Rich Slave

By elliotdunn1
Nov. 11, 2016

Earlier this week, my fellow Americans and I expressed our rights to vote by electing our President for the next four years. A long Election Day left most of our country tired and anxious, awaiting the results to a nail-biting finish, early the next morning. The results came in, and they told a story. This story has been overlooked and hidden in American history for decades. This tale is horror-filled with racism, sexism, bigotry and vile hate speech.

Some of President-elect Trump's supporters.

Well, the winning candidate in our election was a man that expressed these same feelings, bringing them to light in America's mainstream media. He hid none of his feelings and beliefs, and in doing so, he became the ideal leader for many. He ignited a large sector of our country to come on out and get behind him on his journey to "Make America Great Again". Thank you, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

These lynchings of Black men are prime examples of how great America used to be.

If most minorities (Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, LBGQT's, etc.) and women of America were asked, "When has this country ever been better for you than it is, now?" I would assure you that the answer would be a unanimous "never". So, I have many questions for those that want to make America great again. When was America so great? Was it great when women had no rights? Was it great when Gays could not wed? Was it great when Blacks were beaten, lynched, and segregated from Whites? I would really like to know. Maybe a lot of us overlooked the certain time period in history that is being referred to as great.

At some point, We the People, must accept things for what they are. A vast majority of our so-called friends, neighbors and even politicians do not value anyone that is not a straight White male to the equivalency one. The disrespect is blatant.

The issues that we face, today in the United States, have long been discussed and will continue to remain relevant. This 2016 Presidential Election came down to progression and digression. We could move forward, making strides toward gaining equality and ending social injustices, or choose to move backward, hitting the undo button on fairness and inclusion, reverting to the good ol' days when our country was great.

Moving along with our lives ever so passively is no longer an option. At this point in American history, minorities need to fight for what is right. A movement needs to take place.

I am calling out all minority athletes, in particular Black males. Whether you like it or not, your platform makes you a role model. Be a leader. You must stand for something and mean it. Your position is powerful. When you kneeled, half of our country kneeled, as well. When you wore "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts, we bought them. You inspire many everyday civilians to follow your example.

When Colin Kaepernick kneeled....

she kneeled with him.

When NBA players wore these shirts....

we followed.

Your people hold power, however we rely on your leadership. If we do not see it on television, hear it in our music, or trending on social media outlets, it will not strike a nerve. We will not act, collectively, without your demand.

The actions of professional athletes are inspirational. Here, we have Mani Parris, a college student and entrepreneur, sporting The POLAR Movement's TIME shirt, inspired by Kaepernick's National Anthem protest.

But forget the t-shirts, the kneeling at the anthem, forget all the passive aggressive protests that hold no follow through. How about you boycott games. Refuse to step onto the fields and into the arenas. Demand change. Give us something to support.

Reality is the rich White men that are team owners care more about the dollar that can be made off of you rather than your humanity. In America, the one color above all, even White, is green. Hurt the pockets of the oppressor to allow your voice to be heard. Do not continue to be a slave with the million dollar trick of throwing a sixty-yard touchdown pass or slam dunking a basketball. Do not continue to play fiddler to Massa. 

Let's make America great, for once.