Aussie Update #2

By SamanthaLogic
Nov. 15, 2016

Since my last blog post a lot has been happening in Adelaide!

We haven’t had the ideal start to the WNBL season result-wise. We have had a tough draw to start our season, as the first month and a half has passed and we’ve only played two home games.

Our first two weekends started out on the road with two away games in two or three days. We competed pretty hard in most of them, getting edged out in OT in one game and losing by single digits in two of the others. 

After a couple of other pretty tough losses, we have lost some more close games, but we are hitting the learning curve hard each and every time we play. We have a very young group that is attempting to rebuild not only a winning record, but also a winning culture and attitude.

I truly believe that we are on the right track and have a great group of girls to do it. We compete every single day in practice and are starting to learn how to play well together. It definitely feels like we are on the up!

Outside of basketball, I am patiently waiting for the “great Australian weather” we hear about! We have been teased with a few absolutely beautiful days, where my roommate and I walk to the beach or go on other adventures. As of late we have gone to hold a koala bear and fed some kangaroos at a local sanctuary up in the hills.

I also have been keeping up with Iowa sports; obviously (and especially) the Women’s Basketball team as they started their season with two wins this past weekend! I definitely needed to buy the BTNplus access to watch my girls on their journey to start a new NCAA Tournament streak!

The most recent news is the start of my athlete page on Facebook, so be sure to check it out for the latest updates with my team and me, as we make our way through the WNBL season! Keep an eye out for some wins!