What Documents are Needed to Sell a Car in Russia?

By Alex Samuel
Oct. 24, 2019

To sell a car, it’s not enough to find a buyer and negotiate a price . You will need to prepare documents for the sale of cars, draw up a contract and submit a declaration to the tax service. The current Russian legislation has many nuances that will have to be taken into account (for example, age and cost of a car).

If you sell a car to a person (individual), a minimum of documentation is required to complete the transaction. It is also necessary to draw up and sign a contractual agreement, as required by law.

What documents are needed to sell a car:

passports of the buyer and seller;

Title (vehicle passport);

data sheet;

CTP policy;

certificate of registration.

The contract of sale is drawn up in simple writing. It reflects information about the parties to the transaction (with passport data), the place and time of conclusion of the act.

The agreement is sealed by the signatures of the parties indicating the date of signing. When filling it is obligatory to use ink of one color (black or blue). The paper is duplicated in triplicate, two of which must be given to the buyer. If you wish, you can officially certify the agreement with a notary (optional).

What documents are needed to draw up a car purchase and sale agreement

The agreement of the parties indicates the registration data of the machine (details of the number, certificate of registration), its characteristics and cost. In the narrative, the brand and color of the car, the number of the body (engine, chassis), year of manufacture can be specified. It is advisable to note the ownership form of the owner and the existing restrictions (if any).

To enter data into the contract, you must have a TCP and a data sheet. Restrictions on ownership can be checked using the AutoCode service (by requesting a report on the detailed history of the car). At the same time, you will learn about fines, accidents and other nuances that may not be known to you. To provide the buyer with a detailed report on the car, order an on- site inspection . The expert will arrive at the place and make a professional inspection of the car.

The attached documentation is indicated in the contract in the form of a list.

Documents when selling a car to a legal entity

If the buyer is an organization, the procedure for processing a transaction is somewhat more complicated. The contract can be drawn up in simple writing, but must be certified by the seal of the legal entity. It also requires a power of attorney of the representative of the company, confirming the right to make a transaction.

The organization has the right to require notarization of the contract. The notary will help draw up the paper, for this you will need to present the seller’s passport, Title and registration certificate (if the car is not deregistered). Additionally, spouse's consent may be requested. The agreement with the legal entity is executed in duplicate.

What documents you need to give to the tax when selling a car

If the car is older than 3 years (you own it for more than three years), nothing is required to file a tax. This rule also applies if the cost of a car sold is less than 250 thousand rubles. Sellers are completely exempt from the tax burden.

What documents you need to give to the tax when selling a car

But the documents for the sale of a car carzaamin(.)com that has been owned for less than 3 years include a tax return. The seller must pay income tax (13%). In order to comply with the legal requirement, you must first file a tax return with the tax inspectorate in the form of 3-personal income tax, and then pay the amount of tax. The declaration must be submitted strictly by April 30 of the next year, and payment must be submitted by July 15. For each month of delay 5% of the amount of tax is charged (at least 1 thousand rubles).

Documents that will be needed to fill out the declaration:


certificate of assignment TIN;

new car sale agreement;

old car purchase contract;

income statement in the form 2-PIT for the previous year (optional).

What documents to give to the new owner when selling a car

According to the law, the seller of the car is obliged to transfer to the new owner of the TCP (with information about the change of owner), a registration certificate, a diagnostic inspection card and an insurance policy (with the buyer’s data).

Additionally, the buyer has the right to request: copies of receipts on the payment of fines and taxes, a bank certificate on the repayment of the loan (if the car was in a pledge). If the seller acts as a proxy, a copy of the general power of attorney may be required.