Famous NHL logos & their surprising meanings

By OliSchmidt
Jan. 06, 2017

Have you ever wondered how your favourite NHL team's logo came about? Logos aren't always easy to understand and can be a challenge to read unless you're a huge fan of that particular team. They are based on heritage, history and ethos - something only true followers know. We took a moment to look into the meanings of some of the most famous NHL teams' logos:

Minnesota Wild: This logo is like an optical illusion. What do you see? An image of the stunning Minnesota wilderness or a panther head? Well, the answer is both. There's another subtle reference to the old team that moved to Dallas - the North Star.

New York Islanders: More obviously, the Y in the logo also represents a hockey stick. But can you tell that the I in Islanders is placed exactly where the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is located? 
However, the team plays in Brooklyn these days, so a redesign is due!

Washington Capitals: The obvious? The eagle and the W it forms with its wings wide open. But can you tell what's beneath the eagle forming the W shape? It's the dome of the United States Capitol! A true gem of a logo.

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