Isaiah Fails Physical, What's going to happen next?


I am sure all Boston fans have been sent through a whirlwind of emotions in the last couple days. After the recent deal between the Cavs and the Celtics, fans were sad to see the heart of the team (IT) sent away, but were happy to see Kyrie in green. Well to the ones who still have not gotten over the trade.... well this may be good news. As we know the Celtics were seriously concerned about the health of star Point Guard Isaiah Thomas, and it seems this hip injury is much more serious than some thought. The "King of the fourth quarter" Isaiah Thomas, recently failed his physical, which may end up sending him right back to Bean town. What's going to happen? To answer that question, let's check out the different ways that this can go.

What are the Cavaliers options?



Well, there are a few routes the Cavs can take. Of course they can void the trade, which will basically "hit the undo button" sending Isaiah, Jae Crowder, as well as the Brooklyn pick back to the Celtics, which also means we would have to give back Kyrie (man I really like saying we have him). This seems like the most probable option, but is it the best? If they send Isaiah back to the Celtics, along with the other assets, then what do they do with Kyrie? The rumor of the trade request from Kyrie has been out for some time now, and it has been reported multiple times that they have been shopping him around. After weeks of trying to find the right deal, after going through multiple different deals with teams such as the Suns and Knicks, after the chemistry of the Cavs has been deteriorating throughout the summer... why take him back? It is clear no other team has been offering what you demand for the player, then why take him back now after this deal was good enough to send him out the first time? They have to trade him again if they do get him back because there is absolutely no way they can rebuild the relationship between the two sides. In my opinion, the Cavs should seek another option.



Although it's unlikely, the Cavs could try to acquire more assets from the Celtics. Danny Ainge is no fool, and I believe he has given up enough already, so why would he throw more away? The Celts sent away a star, a starter, and more likely than not the number 1 pick in the 2018 draft. That right there is more than enough for the star Point Guard, and if they add any more, the Celtics would risk getting "fleeced". Of course the Cavs wouldn't ask for too much, because if they wanted a significant piece from the C's roster, that would be preposterous, but in my opinion, anything more is just too much.


The last option the Cavaliers have is in my opinion, the most likely. After all this, the Cavs could just stick with the team they have, and help IT manage this injury. This would leave the trade untouched, meaning that everyone will stay where they currently are, and the trade will go through as normal as if this failed physical incident never happened. This in all honesty seems as if it may be the best option.

After going over the options, which one do you think they choose? Honestly I believe they will end up just keeping everything as is, and yes Boston, that means Isaiah is gone. Here is something to think about, what if Iman Shumpert, who has reportedly been requesting a trade as of recent... what if the Cavs ask for another player, but also offer to add in defensive anchor Iman Shumpert. Would you want him? Not saying I want him, just something to think about.