Does Melo Make the Rockets a Championship Team?

By Sean McMahon
Jul. 13, 2017

Many people in sports believe that Carmelo Anthony will open up his no trade clause to get traded to the Rockets. Apparently the Rockets and Knicks are working on a 4-team trade that would get Carmelo to the Rockets. Stefan Bondy and Frank Isola recently stated that the 4-team trade is "on the 2-yard line." Now saying the Rockets get Carmelo Anthony, will that make them a championship team?Depending on what they would have to trade they would be a really solid team that would be a top 5 team in the NBA. Carmelo hasn't played with somebody as good as James Harden in his prime and a top 3 point guard in the league like Chris Paul. That would give them a great big 3. Many people are not fans are Melo and do not like him because of how he was on the Knicks. I am a Melo guy, I get why people might not like him, but he is still a great player that any team in the league would want because of his talent. Does Harden, Melo and Paul make the Rockets a championship team? The answer is no. That is obviously because of the talent that is on the Warriors. They just wouldn't beat the Warriors in the playoffs because of how good they are. Not only the Warriors, but even the Spurs because no matter who they have on their roster they are always a great team that can beat anybody. I think that Rockets team would be good, but I don't think they could even get the 2nd seed in the West. I do think that they can beat the Spurs and maybe just maybe even win 3 games in the playoffs against the Warriors. That game 7 though would be the Warriors game. They are too good and too dominant that even when Lebron who is the best player in the league and playing with two other all stars tried to play them in the NBA Finals they won one game. A Rockets team consisting of James Harden, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul would be a 60 win team that would most likely not beat the Spurs and if they do would no doubt lose to the Warriors, but Rockets fans should be happy if they can get Melo because I think he would be a great fit for them and he would play his best ball of his career. Putting those three on a team would be great basketball even though those are probably 3 of the 10 most Ball dominant players in the NBA. I think that they would figure out who gets the ball and who would take over for the team. If the Rockets could get Melo that could be interesting for only the seeding of the Western Conference, but they could be a team that could possibly knock off the Warriors and could be a great team.

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