Patriots Preseason Prediction

By Sean McMahon
Aug. 02, 2017

For this article I will do many things. I will look at each of the four preseason games for the Patriots and put who I think will win and who will have a good game and then I will pick somebody I think will do so good on both sides of the ball. I will pick an offensive and defensive preseason MVP.

Game 1 vs Jaguars

For the first game the Patriots will play the Jaguars. This will be a good game even though most of the starters will be benched, but we get to see how the potentially really good Jags defense will play against the Pats new offense. I think Tom Brady will play about a quarter which I think will be 2-3 drives. When Brady goes out Jimmy comes in and I think depending on how may starters play on the Jags defense this will show how good Jimmy is because he'll be playing a fast and athletic defense with talent. Jimmy will play with some of the first team and mostly the second team. Jacoby will come in and play with the others on the roster. We get to see the debut of rookies Derek Rivers and Deatrich Wise Jr. Even if they dont play at all we'll see how guys like Brandin Cooks, Mike Gillislee, Rex Burkhead and Stephon Gilmore look in Pats uniforms. I think that Jacoby Brissett will show that he can be a leader and play great against this defense. I think that the player of the game will be Jacoby Brissett.

Winner: Patriots

Game 2 vs Texans

For the second game the Pats will go up against the Texans. Obviously we all want to see how Deshaun Watson will do and how the Pats defense will do against the rookie. I think Jimmy plays one half and Jacoby plays the other. Jimmy will dominate because he is Jimmy so that's that. Jacoby I think will play great against an A.J. Bouye less Texans defense. Now I love all of the RBs on the Pats roster, but especially a guy that's is grinding for a roster spot, DJ Foster. I think throughout the whole preseason he will do great and make plays to give the Pats a great run game. Along with Foster, rookie running back LeShun Daniels Jr out of Iowa will play a big role for the bench players as he is trying to make the team. I think those two will have a great game. On the defensive side Jonathan Freeny and Jonathan Jones. Those two are grinders and have played on the main roster and done good. They will have big games, but nothing like the RBs. I think the player of the game will be DJ Foster.

Winner: Patriots

Game 3 vs Lions

For the third game the Pats will play the Lions. I think in this game Jimmy will start and play a quarter then Jacoby will finish it off. I do think this game will be dominated by the Pats defense. I think Derek Rivers and Deatrich Wise Jr will take over along with Vincent Valentine. They will dominate the run game and will not let up more than 100 yards. While the interior is stopping the run, Rivers and Wise will be going at the QB. This will be another great game for the RB combo of Foster and Daniels Jr. They will run through the Lions as the Lions can't run through the D line. Another position that will make plays is the DB position. Rookie Will Likely, rookie Demarius Travis and Jordan Richards will all be making plays. Those DBs are going to have to back off because the d line will be eating, but they will make plays. I think the player of the game will be Derek Rivers.

Winner: Patriots

Game 4 vs Giants

(By the way Malcolm did not allow this TD)

For the fourth game the Patriots will go up against the Giants. I think The starters for both teams will play a quarter. Jimmy will take a quarter and play good and Jacoby finishes it off. The guys that will make big plays are guys I've talked about. DJ Foster, LeShun Daniels Jr, Derek Rivers and Deatrich Wise Jr. They will get a lot of plays made by their WRs too and not the top guys on the roster. Austin Carr the rookie out of Northwestern will play a big role in the receiving game for the Pats against a good Giants defense. He will be the Julian Edelman of the preseason by catching those slant routes and getting open while making big plays. DJ Foster and LeShun Daniels will take over the run game and the two rookies on the D line will get to the QB. I think those four dominate this game with Austin Carr. The DBs though will have to play their best game because if the WRs that the Giants have. Will Likely and Jonathan Jones will make the big plays, the tackles, the interceptions and the win. Jonathan Jones has been talked about in New England because they really like him at maybe a starting CB in some rotations against teams with more than two WR you got to cover. A team like that is the Giants and him and Will Likely will put it all out there for the team. I think Will Likely will be an annoyance for the Giants. I think the player of the game will be Will Likely.

Winner: Patriots

I think the Patriots will go 4-0 in the preseason. The guys making big plays throughout the preseason will be DJ Foster, LeShun Daniels Jr, Derek Rivers Deatrich Wise Jr and Will Likely. Those players are trying to get on the roster which I think the two defensive lineman will definitely and the two RBs will either make the team or another team and the same said For Will Likely even though I want him making this team because he could be a great nickel corner for this team.

Offensive MVP : DJ Foster

I like DJ Foster, he's a great runner. His acceleration is crazy and his toughness is great for an RB. He can do what every single RB on the Pats roster can do and that is recieve the ball. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and line up in the slot. I think he will have a great preseason.


Rushing Yards: 210

Rushing TDs: 2

Defensive MVP: Will Likely

Will Likely is a DB out of Maryland. He is a great player who will put everything out there to make a play. He is very fast and if he is behind on the WRs route he will close that gap with his speed. He is very competitive and has a feisty play demeanor. I think he will play great given the opportunity.


Tackles: 10

Interceptions: 2

Deflections: 8

I think the Patriots will have a great preseason and a great season overall. Those guys will make plays to try to make the team and they will show coaches how good they can really be for the team. This will just show what the Patriots have in store for the regular season and what some guys will do to make a roster especially on the Pats team.