It's Time to Modernize Baseball

By kidNAMEDshappy
Feb. 24, 2019

When I was a kid, baseball was as popular as ever. You had superstars crushing record after record, audiences from all over watching. The game was entertaining, people were captivated by what they were seeing. If that was Ken Griffey Jr. robbing a home run, McGuire hitting his 62nd bomb to surpass Roger Maris as baseball's single season home run king, or Derek Jeter making his jump throw in a full Yankee Stadium. Baseball was the best it has ever been in modern times...

Over the years we came to realize that the game was not what we thought. All of those records would end up being tarnished years later with Performance Enhancing Drugs. Players like Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens will never make the prestigious Baseball Hall of Fame as a result. They may have been the three best players of that era. Since the scandal and lack of superstar players, the game has decreased in popularity. Kids don't want to sit down for 4 hours and watch a game anymore. They want fast, they want something to captivate their attention. Baseball wants to shorten the games by using a pitch clock. I disagree with those changes because I don't think you should even shorten the game...shorten the whole season instead.

I don't care if the game is 9 innings or how long it takes for the pitcher to get set in motion on the mound. I genuinely love this game as it is. But I'm not everyone, times have changed. A shorter season, would be best for baseball. There's not so many games for people to keep track of. I think more people will attend sub-par games because there's fewer of them to go too. The month of April is brutal for any team above the Mason-Dixon Line or out west in Colorado. It's snowing and frigid the entire month! For a fan, it's no time for baseball. Instead set up fewer games in April, like how College Basketball does in November. Don't have fans braving frigid temperatures for a game that won't mean anything until later in the season. Injuries have been huge in recent years. It feels like each year we lose big name players because their bodies can't handle the 162 game schedule. With more recovery time, the players aren't putting themselves through that kind of stress anymore. It would result in a better product on the field in the end. You get to see the faces of baseball play their best all year. There's nothing wrong with that in my eyes.

Speaking of a face of baseball, there is none...Mike Trout is a generational talent for the Angels. He's a modern day Mickey Mantle, one of those 5 tool guys. He has all the makings to be the face the game needs. One problem...he's on the Angels. And if you don't pay attention to baseball, they're not a marquee name. Almost 3/4 of the country don't get to watch him because he's out west. If he was on the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs...he'd be everywhere! Baseball suffers as a result, it's hard to build a brand without a face. MLB needs to find the next generational player and build their brand around them. I'm sorry, Bryce Harper is not it! They need the guy kids can look up too, to pull them back in once again. Can Aaron Judge, Kris Bryant, or Mookie Betts be that guy? That's for baseball to decide, I'm just a dude behind a computer screen.