Reggie Bush paid mistress to keep quiet and get an abortion, she did neither....

By Antwon Smith
Nov. 08, 2016

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

This has got to be one of the most bizarre stories in the press right now and it's just starting to heat up as Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush did something the good book warns us not to do when we get married or there will be consequences be these actions, well he apparently had an affair with a cocktail waitress, Monique Exposito,34 and he paid her $3 million dollars to get an abortion, but it backfired and now she's 6 months pregnant with his baby. Bush who married his current wife Lilit Avagyan in 2014 has two children and now possibly three.

Reggie Bush spent 3 years worth of salary to make this abortion go away but it will only get worse.

Reggie Bush is caught up in her web of deception but this isn't the first time that she has tried to get impregnated by an athlete, former NBA great Alonzo Mourning was said to be the last victim in her scheme to get rich and famous, but it did not happen as she planned. Bush and his wife paid her the money to make this go away and the sad part is it's double what his salary was last season.

Reports are that she is planning a lavish baby shower in Miami and also looking for a house on the water which can be very expensive, so Mr. Bush get ready for 18 years of hell if you are the father of this child.