Getting University Coaches to Watch Your Game

By futureprousa
Apr. 20, 2017


Every step of the recruitment process is important for a British student who dreams of studying in an American university. An important one among these is the event of being watched by the people who matter.

It is quite true that if your school sends someone from the staff to watch you at a game, you are on their mind for the scholarship race. However, what most students and their parents do not know is that there is a lot an athlete can do to make sure college coaches watch them play. Here are a few suggestions to get them interested in your game:

Play at places where coaches are already observing recruits

If you wish to obtain a soccer scholarship in USA and play soccer with a big club or travel team, ensure that you don’t miss the games at big events attended by the coaches. Some huge events involving best travel teams are held every year in the UK and university coaches do watch the athletes. Don’t miss the golden chance here to prove your skills.

Give a preview of your ability to the coaches

Coaches will rarely miss the opportunity of watching a player they want to observe. This implies that you must do everything feasible to get the coach to be interested in more of your skills. If you just email the coach talking about your interest in recruitment, they may not get a good sense of your abilities as a player. Instead, if you share the link to a good video highlighting your game, there are greater chances of winning their interest.

Benefit from your critical opportunities as they come

Remember, most of the games you play will not be observed by university coaches. Aspiring students have to realize that there will be just 1 or 2 events a year where you get a good chance to get actual exposure. At the high school level such opportunities are almost negligible. Here’s a little checklist to help you ensure you don’t miss on the big events attended by coaches:

- Play at major tournaments for your chosen sport every year.

- Email your highlight video to coaches and tell them the name of your club team name, its uniform and schedule of play.

- Stay informed on when you will play against the best of other recruits and

contact the coaches who you know or feel may be selecting them.

Avoid the mistakes

A large number of students feel that their current (school) coaches are trying to persuade college coaches to attend the games. This is a misconception. Majority of the high school coaches won’t do this because it is not their job. They may be happy to help if you when they find time but they too are busy running their

current teams.

You and your athletic abilities alone have to impress the university coaches who have a say in your selection. So stay aware of every opportunity to show that you deserve a spot in the college and with a scholarship. For further guidance, never hesitate to contact professional agencies in this field.