How to Bypass NBA Geo-Blocks Anonymously

By zubair hussain
Apr. 17, 2019

VPN is not only meant to provide security to the users, but it is mainly loved by many for unblocking geo-restricted content. Thousands of sports fan, who cannot make it physically to the arena or the stadium; watch the sports live online. May it be a FIFA world cup or NBA all-star game, every fan gets what they want at the tips of their finger with a VPN.

But when we talk about NBA, the first thing that comes to our mind is online blackouts. This is because the National Football league forces the local audience to purchase tickets and visit the stadium instead of watching the match live online from anywhere. Due to this, the broadcasters limit access to the live stream in the region.

This is where NBA fans run out of luck as their access to stream the match live online is denied and halted. In the majority of the cases, NBA will make the game available online on a later date. By then NBA fans will miss all the hype and excitement of the match, and all the details of the game would be spoiled over FaceBook and Twitter.

Looking for Alternatives to Access Live Streams

With that discussed, fans look for solutions as missing the match means suicide for them. In most cases, they try to ; when sports enthusiasts connect to a VPN, they are briding a connection to the sports streaming services through servers located outside the state or country. This way they fool ISPs in believing the streaming request is coming from outside of the region.

This way you will be able to watch and stream NBA online with a cost attached. Is it safe? For starters, it violates the ‘League Pass’ issues by NBA and its terms and conditions which could get your account permanently removed or suspended.

In severe cases, that is a direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that includes, fines and lawsuits. Let’s go through the entire process.

First, Create an NBA League Pass Account

Before you start using the best VPN, its essential that you sign up for NBA account which offers multiple packages which can be chosen according to your needs and the basic package starts from $6.99 for a single game. To get all the insight and watch the entire teams then get an NBA League Pass costing $200 per year or $29 per month.

Once the package is selected, you can watch the games from any devices but make sure you have the right device to watch NBA live online without any restrictions.

Configuring the VPN on a Computer

The best possible route to safe NBA streaming online is by using a VPN on a computer. First, sign up for the VPN provider and connect to it. Once the VPN is chosen, the process gets straightforward as you need to log on your VPN and connect to the server in the US which will be outside of the online restricting zones.

Second, you have to log on through the NBA subscription that was chosen previously. The VPN will select the best server for you and connect to it by default. You can manually connect to the server as well if you feel like it.

Next best Alternative VPN Solution

The process to stream the game gets easier if you have set-top boxes and multiple other devices connected to the internet to watch NBA online through TV. But very few devices are eligible to configure the VPN client apps; with some settings tweaked users will be able to bypass the blackouts through their set-top boxes.

If not that, VPN routers can be purchased, or the VPN can be configured on the router which will secure all the online traffic of your home. Many routers are capable of working on an open-source firmware that includes Tomato or DD-WRT.

Going International

Majority of the Reddit users have easily circumvented NBA's online restrictions by signing up through the subscription process to watch and get access to the International League Pass. Just as the US version, International League Pass will allow you to watch on demand games live with a VPN as the IP will be selected of a foreign country.

According to a , you can get a VPN provider to connect to foreign servers and quickly sign up for the NBA League Pass. But there is no guarantee how the VPN speed will be!