Nike or Adidas: The Best Football Boots?

By zubair hussain
May. 19, 2019

Does boot really make a difference between a good player or an average player?

Maybe or maybe not, But I want to share my experience that an unreliable or uncomfortable pair can affect your game.

There are tons of brands competing with each other in the market and claiming their shoes have what's best for you.

No doubt choosing a right boot that comes with Control, power or speed is not an easy task but in case of you failed in choosing a right boot then keep this thing in your mind that not choosing any boot is better than choosing a wrong boot.

Adidas and Nike are two big names of shes industry. Both are offering the best shoes for football for many years.

However, I have shoes from both the brands. Last month I bought Adidas Predators and Nike Mercurial, and unfortunately, both pairs disappointed me. Both the brands failed to make their product great.

However, I personally think Adidas shoes are best for football, but what do you think about Adidas shoes?

According to critics Nike had some bad press with more than a few metatarsal (bones on the top of the foot) breaks.

And now I will think twice before choosing Nike shoes.

However, for football, my personal favorite is Adidas running shoes series of the Copa Mundial.

I have just bought on the 25th anniversary of Adidas, B=No doubt the shoes are great for football and from two weeks I have noticed that my game is improving day by day.

But I don't know its an effect of my new Adidas or my interest in football!!

Now I need your opinion. Which brand do you prefer for football. Nike Or Adidas? You can also checkout the list of some free live sports streaming apps for android.