Understanding Botox treatment for sports injuries

By sportinjury
Jan. 27, 2017

Do you know anyone who has had Botox? Most of us do, even if we do not realize that they have had it done. It’s a simple treatment that can work wonders, and in some social groups it has become almost normal to have a monthly top up of Botox to keep their wrinkles gone and their faces line free. However, there is a new group of people who are starting to consider Botox seriously and they are not the people who you would have thought. When the last time that you saw a sportsperson openly stating that they received Botox, after all? However, it does happen, and more often than you think. So why are so many people who play sports deciding to get Botox?

It quickly moved on to more cosmetic areas, but there are still many researchers investigating just what Botox can do for the rest of our body, and in fact there are some people who purposefully go on a Botox course in order to learn how to use Botox for sports-related injuries. This may come as a surprise to many sportspeople, but in fact there is a huge amount of support and help that Botox injections can give to healing that very few other treatments can. For example, anyone who has an injury to their back will be in quite a substantial amount of pain, and this could linger on despite staying at home on bedrest. For some, it will feel as though they are never going to truly recover back to their old way of being – and because they are in so much pain, it is difficult for them to go through physical therapy and rehabilitate their body. But when they have a Botox injection into certain parts of their back, the muscles that are giving them so much grief are ‘frozen’ for a while, and this gives the patient the chance to look after their body without pain, making it possible for them to start doing slow stretches and other types of physical therapy.

And this is just one example of how Botox could really help someone who loves their sports to be able to get back up and in the game again, pain free. It’s not a magical cure all unfortunately, and it does not do any of the actual healing process itself, but it allows the body to do that, giving it breathing space from the pain so that the body can heal properly, rather than continuously in pain. It’s something that many people are turning to now, and many reputable Botox courses are even including a section on sports injuries and their treatment through Botox in their syllabuses. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but it’s always nice to know that there’s another option.

Source: http://dentox.com/all-courses/botox-training