Karate and The Benefits It Brings to Children

With about 50 million students worldwide, karate is one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

Many karate centres teach students regardless of body size. However, children get many benefits from practising this martial art. Karate brings a variety of physical and mental benefits for children when they learn at a young age.

Born in Japan hundreds of years ago, karate originated from a combat system developed on the Ryukyu Islands in Okinawa. After the first karate performance in Tokyo in 1922, the first karate club in Japan was established in 1924. Eight years later, a lot of clubs were born across the country. When martial arts films became popular after the war, martial arts began to spread all over the world, and karate became one of the most prominent examples. Karate only became more famous after the The Karate Kid movie 1984, starting a wave of children practising karate.

Karate is not just a way to become a martial artist. It is also a lifestyle change, helping people give up reckless thoughts and actions and start a more disciplined lifestyle. Children can benefit from all aspects of karate, from physical education to mental health.

Children will become more dynamic

Obesity is an alarming situation in many countries, so people need to be more aware of health than ever. Often, unhealthy habits and lifestyles start in childhood. By practising karate, children will always be active in important years of their young age and can determine whether they fit this martial art. Sparring techniques, rigorous training, moves, and many other techniques help increase endurance, cardiovascular health and dynamism.

Of course, such activities require children to love karate. It is the parents' responsibility to encourage children to attend karate classes.

Children will develop concentration and discipline

Like most martial arts, Karate not only trains the body, but also the mind. In a world full of agitation, Karate provides an anchor of silence and concentration to help children grow better.

In addition, children will gain respect from friends and adults as well as trust from their teammates. They will learn values such as honour, humbleness and courtesy.

Children will be more confident

Karate helps children overcome fear, build confidence and self-esteem. It is not simply that they know how to protect themselves, karate classes also create a sense of friendliness between students. And when they earn the next belt rank, they understand the goals they need to complete and get a clear sense of the development that they are in.

Children will be more self-aware

Karate students will be aware of their emotions, fears and worries, and will face their own problems. Gichin Funakoshi, widely known as the “father of modern karate”, says that a karate student must “be humble inside and gentle outside”. Students must be open and proactive to be able to see their mistakes. Such maturity and awareness cannot be easily developed by children in the traditional education process, and karate has the mission to build those qualities.

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