Cavaliers and Warriors dominance in the NBA Playoffs is ruining the NBA ??!!

The NBA Playoffs so far has not been good from a perspective as a basketball fan. There were some good moments, but yet the results weren't advertising. The Cleveland and Warriors dominance in the Playoffs isn't advertising NBA fans unless you're a Cavs or Warriors fan. Both teams combined a 22-0 in the playoffs, so they hadn't lost a game yet. The Warriors have a great efficiency of scoring in the playoffs (which is the best in the NBA) with 117.4 due to the addition of Kevin Durant in the offseason. The Cavaliers also have a great efficiency of scoring in the playoffs (which is second in the NBA) with 116.3. With these two stats, what does this mean? This shows how unstoppable the two teams are in scoring. It is pretty hard to eliminate either one both because they have so many great players on their roster.

It's not fun to see the same team in the NBA Finals for 3 years straight. If the Cavaliers and Warriors sweep both of their opponents in the Conference Finals, then the fans would have to wait 9 days until the NBA Finals. What would the NBA have to provide for the fans until June 9?: a bunch of encouraging commercials to watch the NBA Finals, no!!!! Two weeks ago, Cavs Head Coach Tyronn Lue compare the Cavs-Warriors dominance to the Lakers-Celtics in the 80s. “Is it a problem? I don’t think so, I think a lot of people wanted to see Boston and the Lakers back in the day. I think nowadays, a lot of people want to see Golden State-Cavs. And it’s not a problem. It’s two of the teams playing some of the best basketball right now.” The Lakers-Celtics will go down as one of the greatest rivalries in sports, but it's too early to compare the Cavs-Warriors to the Lakers-Celtics, even though they are currently the best teams in the NBA.

As stated earlier, the entire playoffs aren't advertising. Many basketball fans want to see something new, but the Cavs-Warriors will remain as the matchup in the NBA Finals until another team gives either one of them a real challenge. Superteams is obviously not good for the NBA, it's like a rewind of the West All-Stars vs. the East All-Stars, but they are competing for a trophy. Adam Silver needs to do a better job of advertising the game of basketball because what's on TV now isn't really exciting. It's not fair for the fans to sacrifice their time for a game that is easily predictable.

The Warriors are favored to win the NBA Finals due to Kevin Durant's appearance on the Warriors. Durant signed with Golden State for one reason and that is to win championships. The Cavs have a chance to pull an upset, but that percentage chance isn't really high.