Hernandez Development

By Kelly Hogan
Apr. 19, 2017


If what I just read is true, I believe the Patriots might find themselves in some deep, deep legal trouble. Albert Breer, of the MMQB, is reporting that back in 2013 Aaron Hernandez was at the NFL Combine - not as a participant since he had just finished his third NFL season - but rather to meet with Coach Bill Belichick. The purpose of that meeting is not known, and may never be, but Breer is saying that Hernandez made the trek to Indianapolis to make a plea to Belichick to trade him. Hernandez supposedly explained to his head coach the trouble he was in back in the New England area and how he needed to get out. Belichick supposedly said he would not trade him, but would offer to get him help. If this is true - that Hernandez did inform the Patriots upper brass of his discomfort in the New England area - the Pats might find themselves in a quandary.

This is not to excuse Aaron Hernandez. Not at all. He is a murderer and was a menace to all of society. But if the Patriots did in fact know, based on what Hernandez explained to Belichick, that the tight end was in danger and failed to get him the help that they said they would, I feel as though they cannot say their hands are entirely clean in this situation.