Duke vs. Memphis Official Sportsbook Betting Picks Preview

By offshoreinsiders
Oct. 14, 2016

Duke vs. Memphis is one of the preeminent games from a pro gambling perspective for Friday night football. The pointspread has Louisville -34 to 34.5 with the total mostly at 70.5, though 71 can be had. Both the side and total are up from the openers of 31 and 68.

Sportsbook betting percentages tell us 58 percent of wagers in Las Vegas and offshore sportsbook and casinos are on Louisville, not a very high rate for big favorites, while a whopping 82 percent of bets are on the over, one of the strongest consensus bets this week. Check out Joe Duffy and the Odds Couple preview some big games for this week. 

In comparing yards per rush on offense, the better numbers belong to the Cardinals by 3.4. As far as yards per pass on the offensive side of the ball, the upper hand is for the Duke by 3.0. According to yards per point, the more efficient offense is also the Redbirds using 4.6 less. Yards per play favors Louisville by a humungous 3.1.

Defensively the stingier team based on yards per rush is the underdog Duke by .6. The superior defense in terms of passing yards per attempt Louisville by 2.0. The yards per point statistic used by the best sports handicappers says the superior defense is Duke forcing 3.0 more. Louisville has a modest yards per play edge on defense by .4.

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Spread betting trends (all records are ATS): Duke 11-0 fieldturf, 1-6 in conference. Louisville is 16-5 off a loss, though 6-13 in Friday games. nTotals angles: Duke has gone under 9-1 after allowing less than 170 yards passing previous game, under 15-6