Sportsbook Odds Updated Clinton vs. Trump, Control of Senate, Time POTUS Loser Concedes

By offshoreinsiders
Nov. 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton is all but assured of winning the 2016 US Presidential Election according to the latest sportsbook odds. As Las Vegas does not allow odds on any election or award that is voted upon, ironically it is Irish sportsbook Paddy Power widely considered to the premier source for election odds, not just in the US, but around the world.

The bookie has Clinton as a 1/5 favorite, with Donald Trump at 4/1. For gambling newbies, this means for every dollar a bettor would win betting on Clinton, he or she would have to risk $5. However, should Trump pull of the upset, his betting backers would win four times their investment.

Third party candidates Evan McMullin, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson are all listed at 500/1, not exactly tempting for even long shot enthusiasts as their realistic odds border on infinity to one. Perhaps of interest is that the oddsmakers believe a Trump upset could see another split vote between the Electoral College and popular vote. Clinton is 1/7 to win a majority of votes, Trump 9/2. Mockery odds for third party candidates are not posted.

Realistically, a lot more suspense is on who will take over the US Senate. Democrats are a modest 4/5 favorite, with Republicans at 10/11.

Without question, the most interesting prop involves the novelty bet on what time the losing candidate concedes. After midday November 9 appears to be a live underdog at 5/1. Between midnight and 1 AM ET is the most likely period at 6/5. This is consistent with the norm in most POTUS elections but each candidate has shown a predisposition toward an Al Gore repeat of a contested election.

In point spread-like betting, Clinton is favored to win the Electoral Vote by 99.5, though to bet on the underdog one must pay extra juice. is the home of sports handicapping needs.