UNLV vs. Boise State Betting Intel and Official Sports Wagering Preview

By offshoreinsiders
Nov. 18, 2016

College football’s betting week is well underway. Concluding a two-game betting portfolio Friday is UNLV vs. Boise State on ESPN2 at 9 ET. Offshore sportsbooks have the point spread posted as Boise State -28.5 and 66.5. It opened with the Broncos laying 26 with a total of 66.5. This is a case of what sharps refer to as “reverse line movement.” A surprising 52 percent of wagers are actually on the large underdog UNLV, though the line has steamed to the big chalk. Sharp betting percentages tell us 71 percent of totals bets are on the over, no surprise there as the public loves overs, unless the game is expected by the oddsmakers to be extremely low scoring.

OffshoreInsiders.com breaks down the match-up using key numbers devoted to by Vegas whales. In comparing yards per rush on offense, the better digits go to the large puppies UNLV 5.7 to 4.8. Accordingly, as passing yards per attempt on the offensive side of the ball, the plus side is for Boise State by a substantial 10.2 to 6.8 margin. According to yards per point, the most efficient offense of the combatants is UNLV by 1.0.

Defensively the stingier team centered on yards per rush calculations is UNLV by 4.3 to 4.6. The more outstanding defense based on the proviso of yards per pass is also the road team and four-touchdown underdog by 6.8 to 10.2. The yards per point statistic used by the best pro gamblers says the better defense is Boise State forcing 17.7 to 12.3 to Las Vegas Nevada. Yards per play give the edge to the Broncos on offense by 7.2 to 6.1 and on defense as well by 5.3 to 5.8.

Who to bet on according to the sharp bettors is from Stevie Vincent. It is very rare when The Great One, Stevie Vincent has named plays in two sports but that is the case tonight. TGO has Vegas Strip Stunner of the Decade among two collegiate basketball winners. Inner Circle OU of My Life and NCAAF Cincinnati/Memphis side and OU all at night round out an absolute must-buy dossier. International Multi-Sport Gambling Bulletin has been issued at OffshoreInsiders.com

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.