Can the Cub break the streak?

By sportsheaven19
Oct. 01, 2016

As the MLB season is in its last weekend and fan’s attention is starting to turn to the playoffs and one of the biggest storyline of the playoffs is if the Chicago Cubs can break their 108 year streak of not winning the World Series. This is by far, the longest World Series drought in MLB. The Cubs, 102-57-1, have the best record in MLB and are the favorites heading into the season.

All of the stats point to the Cubs making a run at a World Series. The Cubs have one of the best rotation in MLB. They have three starters with an earned run average at or under 3.10. That includes Kyle Hendricks who has a 1.99 ERA.

In addition to the rotation’s regular-season success, pitchers John Lackey and Jon Lester have extensive postseason experience and success. Both pitchers have a career ERA under 3.15 in the playoffs. They have a combined 14 seasons in the playoffs and four rings with the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox.

Along with a strong pitching staff, the Cubs have one of the best offenses in MLB. Their offence has scored five runs per game which is the third-most in MLB.

They are led by MVP candidates Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Both players have an OPS over .900 and 207 runs batted in between the two of them.

Bryant and Rizzo have driven in over 25% of the runs scored by the Cubs and have made the Cubs middle of the lineup one of the most dangerous in baseball.

However unlike the pitching staff, their bats do not have much playoff experience. Outside of Ben Zobrist, the only playoff experience their young lineup has is one playoff run, in 2015, when they lost in the NLCS to the New York Mets.

Experience pitching in the playoffs is more important since the starting pitcher has a huge impact on the game. So the Cubs can get away with not having much playoff experience in their lineup but it is concerning.

In the past 108 years, there have been many curses that the Cubs have had to overcome. The first one is the Curse of the Billy Goat. In 1945, when a well-known fan, Billy Sianis was asked to leave Game Four of the 1945 World Series because the odor of his goat was horrendous. Sianis was so mad that he put a curse on the Cubs saying they would not win another World Series.

Second, is the Curse of the Black Cat, where a black cat ran onto Shea Stadium at the beginning of September when the Cubs were playing the New York Mets when the Cubs were in first place and cursed the Cubs because they finished 8-17 in September.

If that was not enough, in 2003 when the Cubs were one game away from advancing to the World Series, fan Steve Bartman, interfered with a play in the 8th inning that would have ended the inning and sent the Cubs to the 9th inning with the lead, but the Cubs blew a 3-0 lead after that point lost the game and ended up losing the series.

To break their 108-year streak, the Cubs will have to break many curses. History has not been kind to the Cubs, but if they ever will break the streak, this will be the year.

They have the dominant pitching and hitting and are able to win a game with their pitching or hitting. It will not be easy, with all the bad luck the Cubs have had over the years.The Cubs will not win it all this year and will have to wait until next year to attempt to break the streak.