Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Biggest Riser: 4 tied at +4

Biggest Faller: Green Bay Packers (12->18)

1.) Dallas Cowboys (+1)

Since falling in Week 1, Dallas has only had two close calls during its eight-game winning streak. It’s passed both tests, most recently rallying with less than a minute to go to defeat the Steelers. The only thing that can stop this team from going to the Super Bowl is Tony Romo. Sadly, for him, his time in Dallas is up. Also, hand Ezekiel Elliott all possible awards that he is eligible for. He’s worth it.

2.) New England Patriots (-1)

If last Sunday night was the worst game that the Patriots play at full health this season, they will be fine. Sure, Tom Brady did not throw any touchdowns, but LeGarrette Blount was a force in the run game, rushing for three touchdowns. Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett, as expected, have formed the best tight-end duo in the NFL and will continue to be a headache for opposing teams for the rest of the season. The loss to Seattle hurt, but New England is not in danger by any means.

3.) Oakland Raiders (+/-0)

Coming off the bye, the Raiders stay at No. 3 because not enough around them has changed to warrant them moving up. That said, this is an extremely dangerous team. Can they beat the Patriots if those two teams meet in the AFC Championship Game? Potentially, but they will have to hold the Patriots to less than 30 points like the Seahawks did last week. Just making the playoff is not enough for this talented Raiders team.

4.) Seattle Seahawks (+1)

Now that the Seahawks are getting healthy, they are starting to look like themselves again. The win over the Patriots last Sunday was easily Seattle’s signature victory of 2016 and could prove to be a rallying point. Quarterback Russell Wilson looks back to normal and running back Thomas Rawls is expected to play for the first time since September. With the Cardinals floundering in mediocrity, the NFC West is Seattle’s for the taking.

5.) Denver Broncos (-1)

It’s odd to drop a team after a win. After holding the Saints to only three points in the first half, the Broncos allowed New Orleans to get back into last Sunday’s game by giving up 20 second half points. However, they picked off Drew Brees twice, recovered two fumbles and hung on for the win. It was a sloppy game all around. Denver overcame two interceptions by Trevor Siemian, who may keep his job for the rest of the season since the Broncos keep winning, but will fight for it next training camp. Same problems all year continued for the Broncos, but again, they still won.

6.) Kansas City Chiefs (+4)

Say what you want about the Panthers this season, but anytime that you defeat Cam Newton, that is a big win. Kansas City is quietly 7-2 and riding a five-game win streak. It’s becoming reminiscent of last season’s 10-game win streak to end the regular season. The Chiefs are good enough to repeat the feat this season and add a couple more games to it.

7.) New York Giants (+2)

They are still winning despite Eli Manning’s boneheaded errors, but the Giants keep winning. The streak is now at four after defeating the Bengals. Odell Beckham Jr. woke up after back-to-back sub-50 yard receiving games. He’s managed to stay out of the headlines lately and that is good. The fewer discussions about this team, the better. The early-season drama is a thing of the past; the Giants are rolling.

8.) Philadelphia Eagles (+2)

Maybe they are an elite team after all. It’s too hard to figure out this team. Ryan Matthews busted out against Atlanta and seemingly has reaffirmed his place as the No. 1 running back, but who knows. For all the hype surrounding Carson Wentz, let’s not forget that he has only thrown nine touchdowns this season, but seven of them came in the first four games of the season. Is the Wentz hype over? Maybe not. This is still a playoff team, but Wentz needs to be more of a factor.

9.) Atlanta Falcons (-3)

A bad loss to an Eagles team that had lost four of its previous five games drops the Falcons three spots. It could be a harsh drop, or it's just that so many other teams got big wins this week to move up. Regardless, the Falcons allowed Ryan Mathews, who has rushed for less than 50 yards five times this season, to gain 109 yards. Their defense has been suspect all year, and it bit the Falcons in the behind against the Eagles and will continue to for the rest of the season.

10.) Washington Redskins (+3)

Why hello, look who has woken up from an early season slumber. If you forget about the first two weeks of the season, the Redskins are 5-1-1. Reason why: Kirk Cousins. After suspect games against Pittsburgh and Dallas (combined one touchdown and two interceptions) to open the season, Cousins is on a roll, throwing 13 touchdowns to only five interceptions. Washington’s fate is in Cousins’ hands.

11.) Minnesota Vikings (-3)

12.) Pittsburgh Steelers (-1)

13.) Houston Texans (+4)

14.) Baltimore Ravens (+4)

15.) Detroit Lions (+4)

16.) New Orleans Saints (+/-0)

17.) Carolina Panthers (-3)

18.) Green Bay Packers (-6)

19.) Arizona Cardinals (-4)

20.) Buffalo Bills (-3)

21.) Miami Dolphins (+3)

22.) Cincinnati Bengals (-1)

23.) San Diego Chargers (-1)

24.) Indianapolis Colts (-1)

25.) Tennessee Titans (+1)

26.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

27.) Los Angeles Rams (+1)

28.) Chicago Bears (-1)

29.) New York Jets (+/-0)

30.) Jacksonville Jaguars (+/-0)

31.) San Francisco 49ers (+1)

32.) Cleveland Browns (-1)

Note: Angelo Inglisa assisted Joel Norman in these rankings.