Where will Tony Romo Play in 2017?

By sportsheaven19
Nov. 24, 2016

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest storylines this NFL season has been the amazing play of Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. After a preseason injury to quarterback Tony Romo, Prescott took the job, thus relegating Romo to a backup role.

Romo, 36 years old, only has a couple more good years left in the NFL and will most likely be traded over the summer. Take a look where Romo will be in 2017.

3. Chicago Bears

Unlike the Jets or Broncos, the Bears are not good enough to compete with just the addition of Romo, but they have a better chance than the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers.

Jay Cutler has been an up and down quarterback ever since coming into the NFL in 2006. In the last four seasons for the Bears, Cutler has been just bad. He threw double digit interceptions every season and averaged about 240 yards per game. Not one of those seasons did the Bears have a winning record. In eight seasons with the Bears, Cutler one took them to the playoffs once and won a single playoff game.

It is time for the Bears to get rid of Cutler and Romo could be the answer.

2. Denver Broncos

Romo has already hinted that he would like to finish out his career like Peyton Manning did in Denver playing for John Elway. This match would also make sense for the team, who are one of the top 10 worst passing offenses.

Trevor Siemian is the Broncos man under center and has been underwhelming this season. On the season, Siemian has a 60.1 completion percentage, 12 touchdowns, and seven interceptions in nine games. He has been a good game manager, but with Romo, the Broncos can have some pop in the offense.

1. New York Jets

The Jets quarterback situation is a mess. Ryan Fitzpatrick led them to a 10-6 record last season and just missed the playoffs. Then after re-signing in the offseason to a two-year deal, he has not been as effective. He has thrown eight touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and 220 yards per game in 2016.

The Jets do not have many options outside of Fitzpatrick. Geno Smith got one start this season and did not finish the game because of injury. Bryce Petty also got his first career start this season when Fitzpatrick was hurt and did not throw for more than 200 yards in the game. After all the bad quarterback performances this year, it's clear the Jets need to make a change at quarterback.

The Jets and Broncos are the most likely teams for Romo to be on in 2017. With Romo but teams are playoff teams and Romo would want to be on a competitive team in the final years of his playing career.