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Panthers fans may miss Josh Norman but the team doesn't

By RandyInman
Oct. 03, 2016

Josh Norman
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Do the Carolina Panthers miss Josh Norman after Julio Jones put up 300 yards on them? Well honestly the Carolina Panthers don't miss Josh Norman because they are cheap and don't want to pay guys other than Cam Newton, Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly for the most part.

Do the Panthers fans who so gleefully said Norman was just a system player miss him yet? And yes Josh Norman is a system player a zone defense cornerback and a very good one. This season isn't about winning for the Panthers they will use it to get those young cornerbacks some experience.

The Panthers love to throw out “The answer is on the roster” because that is the cheapest way to operate. NFL fans usually want their team up against the salary cap every year because that means their team is spending to try to compete.

It DOES make sense for the Panthers to play their young cornerbacks to see what they have. Had the Panthers been trying to win this year they would have kept Josh Norman for one more season under the tag AND drafted those young defensive backs.

Panthers fans until yesterday really defended Dave Gettleman no matter what. Well a lot of that ended with the Panthers loss to the Falcons. Fans were missing Josh Norman and saying so on social media. The real problem with the Panthers defense isn't the secondary though, it's the lack of pass rush.