Hitting 5 – 0 Regularly Is the New NBA Trend

By Simon Morris
Feb. 06, 2019

This is the season to score 50, and NBA players seem to have mastered this thing perfectly. With just the beginning of the season, a lot of players have started hitting 5 - 0 on a regular basis. It suggests that the season has many surprises in store for the spectators or NBA fans. It all started with who plays for Detroit’s, had struck 50 points. However, his celebration did not last for long as on the next day Steph Curry scored stunning 51 for his team, namely Golden State. Curry was terrific with his performance, though in a few days his teammate Klay Thompson had struck score 52.

Surprise from the NBA Season

If you think that the trend ends here, you are wrong as this NBA season cannot stop giving surprises to the viewers. Not just surprising match day results, but the new 50 scoring trend has created a lot of amusement for the viewers on this year. The next person to score 50 was Derrick Rose, and thereafter other people had too registered 50+ score for their respective teams. Some of them are LeBron James, Kemba Walker, and Kevin Durant. The latest came from Harden, who scored 50 points.

In just two months of this NBA season, players have rapidly registered 50 points nine times. With this pace, it is anticipated by the experts that this particular NBA season will break all 50 points records in the past. The highest 50 points scoring record was registered in the year of 2006 – 07. It was 18 times in that season when players had shown individual brilliance to lodge 50+ scores. Thompson, who recently hit 50 scores this season, opined that the trend had displayed the evolution of basketball. He also stated that there are many good players in the present season of NBA. Thus, he would not be surprised a bit, if this trend continues on this season.

Star Players

Well, experts have opinions aligned with Thompson. There are many capable players in this NBA season, and they can set the NBA arena to fire with their brilliance. Some of these players are Kyrie Living, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Zach LaVine, etc. All of them are potential players to register 50+ scores in this season. However, there is also a high chance for the viewers to see some emerging players to create a magical performance in the NBA arena. So, it is a great time for the fans to enjoy some brilliant performances on this ongoing NBA season.

To find the performance of the players and the potential players who can do well in this year, you can check online sports betting sites. These websites update the scores, points and individual 50+ score news on a regular basis. Most importantly, they publish all those records that make the season special. According to the experts, there are more than 490 times when individuals have registered 50-points or more. In 1954, the first 50+ score was lodged by Johnston who used to play for the Philadelphia Warriors. In that particular season, he scored a hat-trick of 50 points.