Breaking News: Cowboys fans are the reason #BenchDak and #PlayRomo are trending on Twitter.

By aaronmccune
Dec. 12, 2016

I wish everyone would realize that Dak Prescott is only like 22 years old. If you think that all this Tony Romo talk from Jerry and a small but growing section of Cowboys fans isn't beginning to wear on him then you are too old to remember how fragile young men can be. How uncertain they can be. In fact, I think that Dak used Jerry's constant flirtations with Tony Romo and threat of being replaced by the aging star at any time as fuel. Since Tony went to the press and proclaimed that the starting job was Dak's and Dak's alone, the rookie sensation's numbers have plummeted. Last Thursday and again last night Dak looked like a 4th rounder. Maybe the youngster needed that little push, that fear, to light his competitive fire. If anything, the renewed Romo talk although not coming from Jerry Jones should spark whatever it was in Dak that made him appear like a seasoned vet for 11 weeks. Yet true Cowboy fans seem to be buying into the Romo hype for real. They sincerely want Tony to start if Dak has another bad game against Tampa Bay. And boy is it gonna be a tough game next week. Jameis Winston wants to be the talk of the NFL. He wants to be the league's poster child. Beating Dak and making the playoffs would go a long way. Check out these tweets and then get in the comment box and let me know what you think.