Breaking News: Gabby Douglas again attacked online by Black Women for nappy hair and bad edges. Is Simone Biles next??

By aaronmccune
Aug. 08, 2016

As she represents her country in Rio, Gabby Douglas is finding out that black women as a whole have not mentally progressed or matured one bit in the four years since she took gold for the all-around gymnastics in London. I applaud Gabby for ignoring her edges and thus these pro-black, freedom fighting women who are the first to march in front of a police station or lay down in the street and block traffic when a black hoodlum is killed by police officers but never miss a chance to shame a black female, regardless of age or accomplishments for wearing her hair the way it naturally grows out of her head. These black women who don't exercise for fear of sweating out their perms or ruining their weaves have gone to twitter again to make a young black girl feel like crap for having "edges" that aren't snatched to the gods. Gabby's biggest crime was not a bad routine on the uneven bars but actually having hair that looks like a natural black woman. Black women want people to believe the myth that their hair is straight and "good". When a girl like Gabby comes along and in front of an international audience defies the black girl code by not being obsessed and therefore oblivious to how her edges look it is an affront to all Negro-pean women. And once again they have gone to twitter in an attempt to shame Gabby into putting a hot comb and some relaxer to her edges. Let me translate all of this black woman talk for those of you who don't understand. Basically, they wish Gabby or Simone Biles was a little bi-racial, ambiguously looking black girl with good hair. 

A brief description of edges. Most African-American women do a great job of concealing the kinkiness of their hair by perming or straightening it. When the perm gets wet it kinks up and reverts to it's natural form. The way black men's hair looks. Yes, black women's hair if left unaltered looks just like that of a dude in the NBA. This is why many black women fear the rain and fear sweat. Gabby being an athlete loves sweat. Sweat means she is working hard. It also makes the hair closest to her head curl up. This is called "edges".