Breaking News: Max Kellerman schools Stephen A. Smith and Pacman Jones on the foolishness of Street Cred in Football.

By aaronmccune
Dec. 13, 2016

This is a common thing in the black community. What defines blackness. In many circles of all incomes in the African American community Street Cred is the barometer. Who got their a$$ whipped the most by their mama? Who spent the most time in jail? Who has the shortest temper? Who will carry the beef to the next level quicker? These are facts. I challenge anyone to dispute them. Today on First Take the Pacman Jones/Terrell Pryor incident from Sunday's Bengals win over the Browns where Jones basically called Pryor a fraud because he acts tough on the field but he didn't grow up poor and went to a private school came up. In most cultures being the product of a functional home and going to private school would be a good thing but not with black folks. Max Kellerman who is a Jew and somewhat oblivious to these rules saw Pacman's so called diss of Terrell Pryor differently. He said that he didn't care if the guy went to private school or grew up privileged, if he can ball, run, hit and catch then he should be able to play rough and tough on the field.  Check out the video and start it at (8:10)and get in the comment box.