Breaking News: MSU coach charged with battery for beating two players during game.

By aaronmccune
Dec. 14, 2016

After a game against the University of Evansville last month Morehead State University players Malik Maitland and Soufiyane Diakite told cops that their coach Sean Woods had struck them repeatedly during the game and at halftime. Coach Sean Woods was part of that special 1992 Kentucky team known as the "Unforgettables" that reached the Elite Eight. He hit the shot to put Kentucky ahead before they were eventually crushed by Christian Laettner's epic, last second turn around jumper. In 2012 Woods was suspended for shoving a player during a game against his alma mater and that same year he became a Youtube sensation after punching a referee in the groin during a fit of rage. Apparently none of this bothered the Athletic Department at Morehead State too much because they recently gave coach Woods an extension through 2020. Now with the police investigation into the Nov. 19th incident resulting in battery causing bodily harm charges, I wonder how fast Morehead State will cut ties with him. He's to appear in court to face charges on Feb. 9th

Morehead State has to fire coach Woods and not for any of his past transgressions. He should be fired on the merits of this act. I played for a tough coach in High School. Coach John Wartnaby. He was mean as a snake and as demanding as God himself. He would get in our faces and give us a little shove every now and then but he never had a player complain or even buck at him while I was there. So I know how much it takes to make a scholarship athlete report his coach to the police. Unfortunately there is no video of the altercations but I have posted some of coach Woods' best meltdowns Get in the comment box and let me know what you think.