Breaking News: ESPN will not punish Colin Cowherd for controversial "Oregon" comments.

By aaronmccune
Mar. 23, 2015

Colin Cowherd did it again. Or did he?? Now I hope black folks don't start calling me a "Coon" for this, but I don't think what Colin said on his Friday show was remotely racist. First, let me set the scene for you. Colin and one of his sidekicks were bashing the NCAA Tournament. Complaining about everything from the quality of play to the lack of household names. This devolved into them seeding the states ala the NCAA Tournament selection committee. Colin gave a 1 seed to California, Texas and Florida. He begrudgingly conceded the last 1 seed to New York because of its history. They debated over Massachusetts as a 2 seed, calling the people there "mean" and mocking their accent. Typical West Coast bias I thought. In my book Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia are clearly 2 seeds but I digress. Then they skipped to the likely lower seeded states. Colin's sidekick threw out Oregon as a 14th seed. That's when Colin said this. "How about wonderful people, mostly white, that drink lots of beer and wine. Don’t screw with Oregon. First of all, great city, Portland, as I’ve told half this company, most underrated city in America. It’s the French Riviera from Fourth of July to October. Perfect weather. Great people. NBA team. Seahawks up the road. Unbelievable wine. The coast. Oregon’s like a four-seed. Oregon’s really nice. " 

Sorry black people and bleeding heart liberals, but that's not racism. That is a guy describing a state very astutely and accurately. This is how many black people think. They look at the Oregon and Oregon State football and basketball teams and think that's a reflection of the state's population. Oregon is lilly white. And all of the folks I've met from Northern California to Washington State have been great people. Besides, he gave them a four seed. Jesus Christ! Louisiana got a 2 seed and they have New Orleans. It's not like Colin gave Oregon, Wisconsin, Montana and Idaho 1 seeds. That would've been racist but then again black folks wouldn't have caught that one. I guarantee it would've gone right over their heads. 

Yes, I am going in on my race and their inability to decipher real racism from BS. Two weeks ago the S.A.E. racist chant scandal was all the rage. Guess which line sparked outrage in the black community? "N---a". Guess which line went unmentioned by black talking heads, black Facebook and black Twitter alike? "You can hang from a tree but you can't pledge with me." No one on any Facebook post or CNN panel I saw spoke about this not so veiled threat. They all stuck like glue to the N-word debate. Every day blacks are subtly insulted by announcers and commentators. Everyday the insults fly over their heads. When a white guy makes a great play, he's heady, smart, tough, competitive. When a brother makes a play, he's athletic. When two Hockey players engage in a bloody slug fest at center ice it's fun for the whole family. When two basketball players are fighting for a rebound and no one wants to let go after the whistle it's an ugly situation and "Everything that's wrong with the NBA". Never hear blacks fussing about this more pervasisve and poisonous form of broadcasting but they lose their heads when a guy says, "Oregon is full of wonderful, mostly white people who drink lots of beer and wine." This is why no one takes you seriously black folks. Thank God ESPN hasn't bothered to release a statement on this situation, signaling that Colin won't be punished for a relatively benign comment.