Cleveland Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes cites bias as reason he didn't vote for Pedro.

By aaronmccune
Jan. 07, 2015

Previously there was little chance that anyone would have ever mistaken Paul Hoynes for Napoleon Dynomite. Now there is zero chance of that happening. Paul Hoynes' motto is "Don't vote for Pedro". Why? Because as a Cleveland Indian beat writer Paul Hoynes saw Pedro Martinez act like a punk. He didn't like the way Pedro hit guys and allegedly hid behind the coaches during the ensuing brawls. Personally, I've seen Pedro plunk guys and square up with them at the mound albeit after rifling his glove at their head. Hoynes also didn't appreciate Pedro pulling Don Zimmer to the ground by the back of his head. I'll admit that wasn't a good look but Don Zimmer walked up like he wanted some. And you know the saying. If you want some, come get some. Another thorn that stuck in the craw of Hoynes was Pedro's 11-1 record and 1.77 ERA versus the Indians. Well, I applaud Paul Hoynes for his honesty but in this case he should've lied. Something has to be done. It's like when your kid does something agregious and fesses up before getting caught or a criminal turning himself in because of a guilty conscious before getting nabbed by the police. Yeah we appreciate your honesty but you're still grounded, you're still arrested. If Paul Hoynes is still on the baseball Hall of Fame selection committee next year then whoever doesn't get in should apply for an additional year of eligibility on the grounds of corruption. Especially now that a player can only stay on the ballot of 10 years as as opposed to 15 in the previous years. The Hall of Fame process is officially tainted but not by scandal or bribery. By the bufoonery of an idiot beat writer who didn't like a guy because of a bunch of things that have nothing to do with the game in between the white lines. Makes you wonder how many voters share Paul Hoynes thought process.