NFL Season 2017-18

By Slanter
Sep. 01, 2017

I noticed the lines have the top 3 teams set. We have New England, Green Bay, and Oakland. Great teams apparently, but usually 1 or 2 top teams ever make the playoff season. They may encounter unknown conditions that affect the team's ability to make it past regular season. Leaving open the possibility to a lesser talked about team.

The Super Bowl is the Patriots to lose this year. They only have to have a healthy team to make the well-oiled machine work. I have noticed they have been suffering some early pre-season injuries, something to keep in mind. Brady was out four games last year, and they still managed to win.

Reminding myself that the Arizona Cardinals are a power team that could easily wrestle the west from Seattle. Having an aging team that needs to bring things together. The battles they'll encounter could be an uphill one for sure, making them stronger if they can make it through regular season unharmed.

Atlanta and Pittsburgh are also top contenders this year. Atlanta had a conditioning issue last year, most evident the 2nd half of the Super Bowl game. Did they make any adjustments to the teams conditioning program? One can only hope, they, of course, have everything they need to remake themselves into Champions this year.

Black and Gold have components that can make magic if they stay healthy. Older injured QB's usually aren't taken into account with analytics; it's the big (?) regarding Roethlisberger. My money would be on Baltimore to win the division. Cincinnati has lost players and rebuilding mode. Two other teams, I expect to see a dip in wins from this year are Denver and Carolina.

A couple of teams I like to beat the season win/loss % and could hold some ground this season with two stud QBs are Tennessee and Minnesota. I would also include TampaBay, but Jamis lacks a receiving core.

Hopefully, this helps, and for all this season's predictions you can check out - He supplies my analytics and has a great College and NFL season!

Neville Guard-USA TODAY Sports
Neville Guard-USA TODAY Sports